Today I had a growth sonogram and yet another non-stress test. I “weighed” in at 6lbs 12 oz. The lady took a bunch of body part measurements, and then was able to guesstimate the weight from that. Every time we go for a sonogram, Mom asks if my head size seems big or regular. Apparently, she’s got a pretty big noggin and Dad has a smaller head. Hey Mom — even if my head is smaller, it’s still going to hurt you when I come out!

I almost foiled them again for the non-stress test. Conveniently, I was sleeping when I needed to be awake. The lady buzzed me, but ha-ha, that doesn’t wake me up. Mom tried to be smart and slipped a lil chocolate to wake me up. But… she ended up accidentally choking on it and knocked the heart rate monitor thingie off, so they couldn’t record my heartbeat for a few minutes. Spazz!

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