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TMB Round-up

Here’s a random list of what’s been up:

-I cried a lot last week, but have pulled back on that a bit once the ‘rents realized I needed to be fed more often. Duh!

-I still cry though. Working on the silent scream where I hold my breath and turn completely red for a few seconds. That always freaks them out.

-I’m getting stronger and bigger everyday. My skin no longer sags, but the back and arm hair are still there.

-Dad was sick earlier this week, so he kept his germy self sequestered in the basement. I missed him a lot. But he’s back now and holding me lots. Now I can show him my death grip by grabbing his chest hair, yay!

-Breaking out the new toys as I get curiouser and curiouser. I love being super snug in the Baby Bjorn. Dad loves holding me in the Baby Bjorn, since I’m peaceful and his hands are freed up to play Xbox 360. What is this Xbox 360, and can I eat it?

-The swing was set up over the weekend. I didn’t take to it the first time, and have yet to try it out again.

-Tried some different pacifiers. They’re ok, but I’ll still spit them out if they don’t have the milk that I seek. Pfffftttt, can’t fool me!

-Went for a long walk around the neighborhood yesterday. I breathed in a lot of bus and car exhaust… hello New York! And we looked at a lot of new construction. Is it safe for a baby to hang out under scaffolding?

-Mom and Dad finally bought my crib and changing table today. Phew. For awhile, I thought I was going to end up sleeping and pooping in the pile of shredded newspapers that are laying in the corner.

Need to take more pics, but Mom and Dad have been a little too tired lately. Those bums!


Wolverine Wannabe

Please Mom and Dad, stop cutting my nails!




Here’s me watching football. I think I have to cheer for the Chicago Bears since my Dad’s a big fan, but man, they suck this year.