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Get Up, Stand Up

I will be walking on my own within 2 weeks. I’m already a steady stander. With the help of big people (whose backs now ache), I can walk/run all over the house. I’m a speed demon in my walker. I took a step on my own today, when Daddy let go and pushed me to Mommy. And vice versa. I can go from sitting to kneeling. I haven’t quite figured out how to pop from kneeling to standing yet, but I will soon. It’s so exciting!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Mighty Psychedelic Baby

At the Mighty Bar

Working on my bar etiquette tonight. One is never too young to demand good and fast service. Forget about chatting with the bartender. Just give me a drink, I’m thirsty!

The Mighty Gravity

Poor Mommy :(

Mommy been sick with the coughing-sneezells all weekend, so my silly pop has been taking care of me.  Now, I think I’m not supposed to have fun unless mom is there to see me smile, so don’t tell her how much I laughed and smiled this weekend with dad!  He’s so silly!

Laughing at daddy


I’ve been walking a lot lately, with some help from the big people. I heard that my pops walked around 8-1/2 months and my mom was also an early walker. So hopefully I’ll be racing around on my own soon. Tonight, after mom popped me up onto the bed rails, I stood all by myself for about 10 minutes! Then I fell down and go boom.

The Mighty Carnivore

I had my first piece of steak tonight. Here I am, gumming away. Mmm mmm good!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms everywhere rock! Here I am, unwinding after a day of celebrating with all my relatives. Had a great time, and I got more presents than anyone else. And I’m not even a mom!

Camera Ready

My Dad is the awesomest. He gave Mom a Flip video camera for her very first Mother’s Day. It’s so easy to use, that she’ll actually edit and post videos of me! And if she gets lazy (which is likely), it’s so easy to use that I can film and post videos myself. Because I’m so smart like that. Here I am tonight, up way past my bedtime.


Dad took me to the doctor for my 8 month well visit today.

Height: 27.3in

Weight: 15lb 14oz

Head circumference: 43.5cm

2 Vaccination shots, ow-ee! DTaP+ and PCV