I’m Not Fat, I’m Healthy

Update: The doctor’s office just called, and said that the scale was calibrated wrong yesterday. I’m actually only 13 pounds and 3 ounces (80%). Yay!

Clocked in at 14 pounds and 14 ounces today. That’s 101% compared to other brats my age. I’m also 24 inches long, which is 81%. They say percentiles don’t matter, but I’m mighty proud of my high marks!

Tummy Time Tantrum

Also, I grew 1-1/4″ in the past 2 weeks! Today I am 22-3/4″ long.

Respect My Authori-tay!

Check out my latest ride. Thanks BallBro and HockeyButt!

Here’s What We Do

MightyOne shuffles through a different neighborhood today, in search of another playground with awesome slides and swings.

Meanwhile, MightyToo chills out at home with tummy time on the Boppy.

Me Like Cookies


Happy Father’s Day

We love you, Daddy!

Happy Father's Day

The Mighty Baby, the Sequel

You are in for a blockbuster summer, dear friends, with the release of The Mighty Baby 2. My little sister was born on June 1. We’ve been conspiring on how to wreak havoc on the Mighty Tired Parents… much fun. Stay tuned for more havoc, videos, pics and a redesigned site.


Me and My Pup

Mom, Dad and I went to the shelter last weekend, and brought home my little sister! Meet Trixie! She’s 3 months old and is a border collie/lab mix.

Debate Prep

I am reading my note cards this evening, so that I can keep the issues and facts straight.


Here I am, in a fairly calm state at the dinner table tonight. Check me out towards the end of the video, where you’ll see me show off a new skill I picked up over the weekend!