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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Hello? Can I come out yet?

Yesterday, the doc told mom that she’s full term, 2.5cm dilated and why yes, it looks like I’ve dropped a little since the previous week! All good news, so why is mom planning on sitting this entire lovely weekend? And why does she keep on talking to me, telling me to stay in?

Apparently, my dad, who I hear is a pretty cool guy and definitely someone who wants to be one of the first people to meet me, is in this place called Copenhagen. I think he’s working there til Monday. So dad and mom are both swinging emotionally, hoping I wait til he gets back. Wow, what is this I’m tasting? I think they call it “power”? Hmm, fun! I’ll keep them on their toes (or in mom’s case, on her ass)…


I’ve been getting the hiccups a lot lately. It’s a nice rhythmic beat, though I wish I could syncopate it a bit — work on my beatboxing skillz!

On a different note, Mom spent this weekend catching up on the phone with old friends. All who’ve had their first kids within the past 2 years. Universal advice was to enjoy sleep while you can. Seriously, how bad can it be? I don’t foresee sweet, innocent me turning Mom and Dad’s world upside down. Lots of other talk about deliveries, c-sections, and rock hard breasts. Now who’s got the beatboxing skillz, huh? Mom’s erratic heart rate!

Bend it like Beckham

I had a ball last night, kicking my mom’s organs around. I didn’t kick so hard as to make her cry, but enough to make her whine. Secretly, I think she was fascinated by it.

And this morning I was all innocent and demure, sleeping peacefully while the technicians were trying to get a rise out of me for the growth sonogram and for the non-stress test.

Today my estimated weight is 6lbs 5 oz. Technically, I guess I could come out and play. But no, I have to stay in for 4 more weeks. Yeah, got it. 4 more weeks. Should I listen, or play by my own rules?

Showers of Love

Today was my Baby Shower. I am super excited to meet all my future aunties and uncles. They all seem super loving and fun, rubbing my mom’s belly and yapping away with her. And they gave me lots of presents. I just kept on hearing my mom say “omg, she’s so spoiled and her closet will be more filled than mine” and my dad say “thank you, it’s not pink!” It’s really nice that people gave such thoughtful presents to someone they haven’t even met. I know I’m cute and cool, but they don’t know that yet. Can’t wait to come out, meet them, charm them, but Mom and Dad say I need to wait. At least 4 more weeks. They need more time to get ready for me. Ahhh, such procrastinators. People, you’ve had 8+ months — get with the program! Ha.

A big shout out from deep inside to Aunts Carrie, Helen, Janice, Melissa and Uncle James and my dad for all their love and help getting the shower together. See you soon! (yes, yes, but not for at least 4 weeks…)

Talk to the Ass

It’s getting tight in here. I’m still able to move around a little, but my head is staying in the down position. (though I wonder why I’m not super dizzy with crazy blood rushes to the head.) I’ve been trying to dance or just stretch my legs every chance I get. I often make the top of Mom’s belly square, when I move or kick out. She and Dad talk to me, especially when I make her belly bulge in certain places. I can’t quite make out what they’re saying. I don’t think they realize they’re talking to my ass. Hello, my head’s down below the belly button! Clueless first timers…