Showers of Love

Today was my Baby Shower. I am super excited to meet all my future aunties and uncles. They all seem super loving and fun, rubbing my mom’s belly and yapping away with her. And they gave me lots of presents. I just kept on hearing my mom say “omg, she’s so spoiled and her closet will be more filled than mine” and my dad say “thank you, it’s not pink!” It’s really nice that people gave such thoughtful presents to someone they haven’t even met. I know I’m cute and cool, but they don’t know that yet. Can’t wait to come out, meet them, charm them, but Mom and Dad say I need to wait. At least 4 more weeks. They need more time to get ready for me. Ahhh, such procrastinators. People, you’ve had 8+ months — get with the program! Ha.

A big shout out from deep inside to Aunts Carrie, Helen, Janice, Melissa and Uncle James and my dad for all their love and help getting the shower together. See you soon! (yes, yes, but not for at least 4 weeks…)

2 Responses to “Showers of Love”

  • Luke Melia says:

    Hello Little Miss Mighty,

    Jeanhee, Chiara and I are very sorry to have missed your first big party. We’re glad to hear it was a festive occasion and look forward to meeting you when you’re no longer enclosed.

    Rest up, life outside is a lot of fun!

    Luke / Jeanhee / Chiara

  • AJ says:

    I tried avoiding pink clothing too. Then I had strangers walking up to me complimenting my beautiful baby boy. Even a frilly dress did not dissuade them. If the kid isn’t in pink, be prepared.