Daddy’s home!

Nice surprise last night. Dad pulled an Amazing Race and came home early from Copenhagen. Mom was super caught off guard, and super happy. Now that those worrywarts are all relieved, I guess I can continue to screw with them and just not come out for awhile. :)

2 Responses to “Daddy’s home!”

  • Luke Melia says:

    Whew. Our collective breath was held!

    Way to hang on Mighty Baby. And way to get home Mighty Geek!

    Luke / Jeanhee / Chiara

  • formerlyjadedju says:

    I don’t know why The Mighty Baby hasn’t posted yet. Don’t you think the child of the Mighty Geek would post immediately upon emerging into the world?

    Anyway, criticism aside, I’m just assuming here that The Mighty Baby has arrived. If so, Viva La Baby Geek!