Foiled by the swingamathing!

I woke up today full of smiles and curiosity, ready for a day of play. And play I did, for about an hour and a half, until Mom caught me yawning and put me in my crib to sleep. I slept about 10 minutes ‘cuz I’m considerate enough to give Mom enough time to pee and maybe check email. Then I cried for awhile, which scored me a ride in the Baby Bjorn. I finally dozed off, snoring like a freight train. Ok, maybe not that loud. Snoring like Thomas the Train. Then… wha??? The lady who loves to put me in the crib and her grubby hands were hoisting me into the crib again. No way, and this time I’m going to scream my head off for a long time. It was a battle of wills. I scream, Mom rocks me and sings some stupid songs that she doesn’t know lyrics to. Finally I scored some boob-fet and pass out. Then again, I’m hoisted into the crib again. Nope, no way, nuh-uh. I wail and win! Mom gives up, picks me up and puts me in the swing. I hear people say that the swing will put you to sleep, but it had not defeated me yet. Until today. Before I had the chance to give me hoot and holler to be lifted, my eyelids betrayed me and shut down. Damn you, swingamathing, damn you!

2 Responses to “Foiled by the swingamathing!”

  • Jules says:

    Honestly baby gurl, some days life really IS all about the swingamathing. Occasionally, I still try to figure out how to shoce the mancubs into the rusted and rickety swingamathing that graces the corner of our garage, hoping for a moment’s peace, thinking that its gentle click-click might lull us all into a glorious sleep. Perchance to dream…

  • Jay says:

    Wake up, Mighty Baby!