Daily Grind

Daddy’s in Barcelona working for a few days, so hey, these next couple of posts are for you, Pops! Here’s a rundown of what’s up with me and Mom last night and today:

10pm-2:30am Sleep
2:30-3am Eat
3-6am Sleep
6-6:20am Eat, diaper change
6:20-7:10am Play! Big mobile, walk around, mom’s lap, diaper change
7:10-8am Eat
8-9:30am Sleep
9:30-10am Eat, diaper change
10-10:40am Play! Chilling out in the swing
10:40-10:55am Eat
10:55-11:20am Play! Rainforest mobile
11:20-11:25am Change clothes since I stink like boob milk
11:25-12pm Eat
12-1:30pm Sleep, fuss, eat, swing, diaper change
1:30-2:30pm Walk/sleep in Baby Bjorn to the hardware store. Also checked out a new steakhouse that opened recently. Can’t wait for the teeth to come in so I can eat steak.
2:30-2:40pm Endured photo shoot with mom
2:40-3:05pm Eat
3:05-4pm Sleep
4-4:30pm Chilled out in the swing again
4:30-5pm Eat, doze
5-6pm Sleep
6-6:30pm Bath – Mom didn’t drop me, splish splash yay!
6:30-7pm Eat, checked out the bookcase – why are there so many sci-fi titles?
7-7:30pm Mom cajoling me to sleep. I made her dance to an old Postal Service’s CD.
7:30-7:40pm Sleep, or so Mom thought
7:40-8:15pm Eat, doze
8:15-8:30pm Sleep, or so Mom thought again
8:30pm-now Charmed my way to playing in the crib. A smile goes a long way.
Now Oh yeah, writing this post too. I’m a good multitasker.

I know, I know, I’m off-schedule. But I’m having a good time — no nipple nuts and spit spray cries! Miss you, come home soon. And don’t forget to bring me the Gaudi dollhouse that I desperately need or else I will throw a tantrum…

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