Week 1 Report

I’m only 9-1/2 days old, and already I feel guilty for not posting frequently. But hey, it’s been a busy week. I’ve had visitors every day… folks are lining up and clamoring to get a hold of me. Literally. I’ve been passed around to at least a dozen people so far. My adoring fans lean in close and spray me with their oohs and aahs. I fake sleep through this whole process so that: a) spit spray is kept out of my eyes, b) folks will get bored with me and pass me onto someone else, and c) people won’t get too over-stimulated — if they are that nuts over a sleeping version of me, I can’t imagine how they’d be able to cope with an adorably charming awake version of me!

Here are some pics from my first washing the other night. I was getting a little stinky, so grandma and my parents had to hose me down.


Hands up, baby, hands up…


Yo, this ain’t no party — I’m cold!


I just passed a big ass fart. Ha, cleaning fiends foiled again!

Oh yeah, a big thank you to all my fans out there. Your outpouring of love, emails and presents are super appreciated. Mmm-wah! Kisses.

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