Happy Birthday, Dad

Hi Dad, Father, Baba, Daddy, MightyGeek, that guy:

Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to bust out of this womb to finally meet you. I hear your voice everyday, telling me that you love me. (And not to turn out crazy like mom, but I think I sense humor in that remark.) Can’t wait to be cradled in your arms, feel the love that you have for me, laugh at your kookiness, and in turn, I hope to charm you with my cuteness and wit. And score free toys and whatever I want. I have a feeling mom will play the role of bad cop, but you, I sense that you are a bit less uptight. Like you, I’m already crafting a plan and thinking a few steps ahead…

So, Happy Birthday and see you in a few months. I love you!

xoxo – Baby G

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