Sugar Buzz

Mom had her doctor’s appointment the other day. We took the glucose test. Y’know, the drink isn’t too bad. Kinda tasted like Gatorade Fierce Melon. But we just found out today that the numbers were a little high, so it’s back to the waiting room for the 3 hour test. Hope we pass this next one.

We also passed the weigh-in before the big fight/wrestling match. Cutting bagels out of the diet apparently worked. She didn’t get scolded for being a fatty this time — weight gain on target. Hooray!

There was a lady who was about to pop in the waiting room. She was huge and freaked Mom out! I didn’t think Mom knows what she’s in for over the next few weeks. I’m a-gonna grow grow grow and bust out of here. It’s been fun to kick around in the meantime. I can hear Mom and Dad marvel over the kicks. And when I’m not kicking, they worry that something is wrong and start dancing to make me wake up. Silly people, let me sleep!

One Response to “Sugar Buzz”

  • Eh, James says:

    Sorry to hear about the sugar test results, but glad to hear MightyMom is growing at an acceptable rate. Unfortunately MightyMom will have to suffer a lot of probing and poking (from people other than GeekDad) until the baby’s born. I accompanied my wife to most of her appointments and it’s easy to over react. My wife is still kicking herself for not eating more fruit in Hawaii because of her slightly high sugar levels. Take the medical advice seriously but don’t sweat it. This too shall pass.