Shopping Sweetness

Last weekend, Mom and Dad ventured into a Buy Buy Baby store out in the suburbs. I’m perfectly comfortable and content swimming around in my womb world right now, but I hear that I may need a few more items once I’m out. So my clueless parents tackled the baby emporium, not quite sure what to expect. Mom got fascinated and overwhelmed by the gazillions of SKUs and endless walls, racks, rows of stuff stuff stuff. Dad, on the other hand, instantly aged about 40 years and transformed into a crotchety old man. He had a wiseass comment about every item — criticizing it, ridiculing its necessity and just getting overall mad at crazy consumerism. Some points were very valid and some points were just for cranky’s sake. He kept on going off, it was kinda funny. At least I think it was funny, because Mom kept on laughing at him. Needless to say, they didn’t last too long in the store. Can you help my confused, rational, practical parents pick out useful essentials that I’ll need to make it in the big world? Otherwise, I might get stuck with a cardboard box, some crumpled up newspapers and bubblewrap (which I hear chafes the delicates). Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

3 Responses to “Shopping Sweetness”

  • Eh, James says:


    Medela Pump-n-style (if you are breast feeding)
    2-3 Dr. Brown’s Newborn Feeding Sets (if you are going formula)
    10-20 Bibs
    Boppy pillow and cover (if you are breast feeding)
    bottle warmer (for traveling)
    bottle/nipple brushes

    Baby Care
    1-2 pair mittens (they keep baby warm and prevent scratching (but they stunt hand development)
    1st Aid Kit
    Night Sight Mirror/Light

    Large Comfort bather (0-3 mos)
    2 Bath towels w/ cap
    10 washcloths

    Johnson & Johnson bath time kit

    Size 1 Pampers (new born) (minimum 6/day)
    Size 2 Pampers (12-18 lbs) (in case the baby is bigger/grows faster than you thought)
    Large Disposable pads to put under baby while changing her
    Diaper bag
    Tons of wipes
    Zip locs for sanitaray/sterile items, plastic bags for refuse.
    Bottle/nipple Sterilizer

    Baby Travel
    Stroller/Car Seat
    Urban Bundle Me (infant)
    Baby Bjorn
    Baby Papasan Infant Seat

    Graco Pack n Play

    4-6 Flannel receiving blankets
    Crib mattress
    Crib bumper
    Carters fitted crib pad
    2 fitted crib sheets
    4-6 Blankets of various thickness

    7-14 Onesies – long sleeve with buttons along front for easier changing
    7 sleepers (no pants at the bottom)
    7-14 one piece body suits for going out, cold weather
    2 pairs socks
    caps for indoor and caps/hats for outdoor wear
    1 hooded coat for winter

    Gift Cards came in very handy. Babies r us had the best return policy.

  • Sophie says:

    Mommy said that gift cards are the way to go. I should know. Daddy has MAJOR issues with my wardrobe. I wanted this TOTALLY HOT bikini, and Daddy blew up, so he wasn’t going to buy it for me. I was soooo upset. But then I remebered that Auntie Helly got me this coupon and then I had some allowance saved up ($1.10), and then there was Uncle Petey’s gift card… And it was on sale too. Daddy tried to stop me, but then I got it for 17 cents!!!! It’s great shopping. I didn’t even have to use Uncle Petey’s gift card too, which means I can get more stuff like that pair of hot pink shorts and great looking sandals that match.