House Arrest

All plans are off for this weekend. Paranoid mama is keeping movement to a minimum and staying put in the apartment. We’ll see how long that will last, as she’s prone to cabin fever. Especially when it’s sunny, breezy and a cool 78 degrees outside.

I kicked around a lot this afternoon. It’s fun to stretch and try to make mom’s belly lopsided and square and wavy. Plus it makes her talk to me more. “Whatcha doing baby?” “Stay inside baby.” “Don’t come out just yet, hope you’re just practicing.” “Save some of that strength for when you’re kicking your way out.” “Wait for Dad to come home! Just 2 more days!” It’s fun to mess with her. Little did she know, I was just hungry and ringing the food bell. *sigh* She’s not too swift — we have quite a bit of training left to do.

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