Reach for the Sky

Reach for the Sky

Crazy Climber

Happy Birthday, Paw Paw!

Happy Birthday to my Paw Paw today. (That’s maternal grandmother to you non-Chinese speakers.) I blow her about 2 minutes worth of kisses. Then I ran out of spit.


I’ve been toasty here in AZ, visiting my grandparents. Today was my first swim ever!

Being carried in the pool was really tiring.

I Make Funny Sounds

I’ve been chatting up a storm lately. Check me out from last Monday.

Bouncy Bounce

Here I am post-nap today, all happy and rocking my crib rails. Don’t worry, the rails are usually raised higher so that I don’t pull a Jackie Chan flip outta my crib.

Tasteless Joke

Mom and Dad got a stupid piece of junk mail from an insurance agent today, and decided to have fun with it. I, however, am not amused. What kind of warped family am I stuck with?!

Get Up, Stand Up

I will be walking on my own within 2 weeks. I’m already a steady stander. With the help of big people (whose backs now ache), I can walk/run all over the house. I’m a speed demon in my walker. I took a step on my own today, when Daddy let go and pushed me to Mommy. And vice versa. I can go from sitting to kneeling. I haven’t quite figured out how to pop from kneeling to standing yet, but I will soon. It’s so exciting!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Mighty Psychedelic Baby

At the Mighty Bar

Working on my bar etiquette tonight. One is never too young to demand good and fast service. Forget about chatting with the bartender. Just give me a drink, I’m thirsty!